Rockcliffe Wine Range

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We Are Winemakers.

At Rockcliffe, we make the best possible wine we can from the season's resources. This takes a lot of planning! From the way we tend our vines and pick the fruit, down to perfect maturation to ensure the wine in your glass is the best it can be.

Each vintage will be slightly different, but the house style remains paramount. This is not an industrial production where the product can be standardised, the Rockcliffe winemaking process is continually evolving to reflect what today’s wine drinker is exploring.

Nautica Range

The pinnacle of Rockcliffe wines, these wines are made from extra-special, Great Southern sourced grapes that have an excellence of flavour. Perfect for those who like the finer things in life. 

Only grapes from certain years of sufficient quality and grown in mineral rich soils of a selected sea of vines were handpicked for this range.

Single Site

This small batch range comes from the highest quality grapes and have a very limited supply. Perfect for mindful moments on the verandah with someone special.

Our Single Site wines proudly carry the winery’s name. The name Rockcliffe comes from the stretch of 100m high granite cliffs that dominate the coastline of the main bay of Denmark. The Single Site wines are true to their origin and express the individual grapes and terroir they come from.

Third Reef

A powerful, yet graceful range - these high quality wines make for a great addition to your next dinner party or special occasion. 

Third Reef is named after a renowned, Denmark, WA surf break where we are reminded of the power of Mother Nature. Third Reef wines reflect the same features of power, elegance and grace.

Quarram Rocks

These blended wines are crafted into “ready to drink now” styles that show great fruit depth and mouth feel. Highly reliable and always there for you. 

The Quarram Rocks range is named after a beautiful protected bay in the Southern Ocean. The label depicts the various granitic rocks that crop out over the region.

Ocean Garden

A crowd pleasing range, this one is! Slightly sweeter and liked by many. Great for a BBQ with friends or picnic on the beach.

Our Ocean Garden label depicts the beautiful corals and marine life that abounds around West Australian shores.

Peaceful Bay

The easy choice and for any occasion or every day drinking. Think of this range as the likeable, friendly and trusty girl or boy next door. 

The Rockcliffe "Peaceful Bay" wines are named after a local bay not too far from the winery in Denmark, WA. The ray emblem for the wines reflects the marine life that can often be found around the sandy and rocky shores along the Denmark coastline.

Visit Us in Denmark!

Visit Rockcliffe Winery Cellar Door, situated 4km from Denmark, Western Australia, where you can enjoy a leisurely wine tasting experience at no cost. Rockcliffe Winery takes pride in crafting traditional gelato, fudge, wood-fired pizzas, and platters using locally sourced ingredients and no artificial flavours, offering a unique and genuine culinary experience.

Can’t get enough of Rockcliffe wines? Can’t get enough of Rockcliffe wines?

Can’t get enough of Rockcliffe wines?

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