Special Releases

Ocean Garden

The Ocean Garden range is inspired by the diverse underwater ecosystem that lives in the Great Southern Ocean. Vibrant colours and  shapes fill the ocean floor just kilometres from the winery. Pristine beaches with clear waters and endless white sand inspire us to dive deep and dream big.

Peaceful Bay

Peaceful Bay is located approximately 45km west of Denmark, Great Southern - the place we call home. The calm waters provide a welcome sanctuary to a variety of sea life, including elegant, gliding Rays. The southern coastline of Western Australia is renowned for it’s beaches, with clear water and endless white sands. Our Peaceful Bay range is a celebration of these beaches, as well as the vibrant sealife found in the Great Southern Ocean.

Cheynes Beach

Cheynes Beach is located approximately 45 minutes east of Albany, in Western Australia’s Great Southern. A protected cove, Cheynes Beach is a breeding sanctuary for the Humpback Whale population, with whales coming right into the bay to calve. These wines are our tribute to the wonders found on the southern coast of Western Australia, which we are lucky enough to call home.