Our Wines

Single Site

Our premium wines proudly carry the winery’s name. The name Rockcliffe comes from the stretch of 100m high granite cliffs that dominate the coastline of the main bay of Denmark. The Single Site wines are true to their origin and express the individual grapes and terroir they come from.

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Third Reef

A renowned surf break where the surf is powerful yet graceful. This is where we are reminded of the power of Mother Nature. Third Reef wines reflect the same features of power, elegance and grace.

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Quarram Rocks

This range is named after a beautiful protected bay in the Southern Ocean. The wines are crafted into “ready to drink now” styles that show great fruit depth and mouth feel.

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Our sparkling wines are inspired by the sparkling clear waters of the Great Southern Ocean. Perfect for any celebration or gathering.

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Special Releases

Three new special releases for your viewing pleasure.



Rockcliffe wines reflect our love of the Ocean and how important it is in with our vineyard less than 15kms from the Southern Ocean which allows the sea breeze all summer to cool the vineyard, creating the perfect conditions for the slow ripening, cool climate styles that symbolize the Great Southern.