Rockcliffe wines served in Singapore

One of the finest moments in Rockcliffe Winery’s brief history arrived on the evening of September 18 at a dinner in the residence of the Australian High Commissioner in Singapore. There, Rockcliffe wines from Western Australia was served exclusively to 65 dignitaries including executives, business leaders and Singapore Government ministers and officials. Yet the proudest […] Read More

Why do wine barrels have pink stripes?

Look around Rockcliffe Winery and you will see barrels of wine bearing a pink stripe around the middle. According to winery owner Dr Steve Hall, the colouring is for a good reason, steeped in antiquity. “It’s based on a system used in Bordeaux in France and it tells us the barrel holds red wine, not […] Read More

Rockcliffe – Gelataria

Visitors to Rockcliffe Gelataria are proving that ice cream sells in winter. On the coldest, wettest and windiest days of the year, the artisan made gelato at Rockcliffe Winery is attracting sales. “Gelato is available all year,” says Rockcliffe owner Steve Hall who learnt the secrets of the Italian ice cream in Italy. “Even when […] Read More