Rockcliffe Winery, 4km from Denmark townsite, will host a series of open-air music events in the Summer of 2023 – Rockcliffe Summer Music Series.

20th Dec 2022

Rockcliffe Winery has fully converted its energy use to source renewable solar power, with lithium battery storage. Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the winery and excess energy is stored in three by 13.5kW, Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries.

20th Dec 2022

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3rd Aug 2022

Luxury Wine Label Rockcliffe Targets Perth City in 2022 as 20th Birthday Celebrations Begin

18th May 2022

ABC news came to interview Dr. Steve Hall at Rockcliffe Winery

5th May 2022

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10th Jun 2021

The Cellar Door - Season 03 Episode 08 - Plantagenet Wines & Rockcliffe Winery

10th Jun 2021

Ray Jordan: Denmark’s rock stars Rockcliffe

30th Apr 2021