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Where great wine, fabulous food and excellent company meet! 

Where great wine, fabulous food and excellent company meet! 

Nestled in Denmark within the Great Southern Region of Western Australia, we have been making quality wines since 2007. We pride ourselves on the wines we produce, the experiences we curate and as the best online wine store in Australia. We may be just a short 4km drive out of town, but our stunning 36 hectare property feels like you’ve travelled to an oasis of greenery! 

Open every day of the week, ourcellar doorinvites you to an unparalleled wine tasting experience. Here, the essence of Rockcliffe is captured not just in the bottles we uncork but in the solar-powered pizzas, fresh platters and the artisanal touch of our homemade gelato and fudge as well. Each offering is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, quality and the simple pleasures of life.

Rockcliffe stands as a testament to authenticity and passion in winemaking. We skip the fancy frills and focus on what's really important — making great wines. Our approach is grounded and genuine, catering to those who appreciate the artistry of a well-made wine without the need for pretence.

In addition to our cellar door, Rockcliffe has embraced the digital age to bring our exceptional range of wines to a broader audience. We are proud to be recognised as the best online wine shop in Australia, offering an easy and accessible platform for wine enthusiasts across the country to explore and purchase our products. Our online store serves as a bridge between the vineyard and your home, allowing us to share the essence of Rockcliffe with you, wherever you may be.

Our story: From pioneering vines to award-winning wines

The journey of Rockcliffe Winery began in 1987 when the first vines of Pinot and Chardonnay were planted, marking the inception of what would become a pioneering endeavour in the district. 

Over the years, our commitment to quality and innovation has seen our wines ascend to new heights, significantly influenced by the maturation of our vines. This evolution reflects our dedication to excellence, making Rockcliffe not just a winery but a testament to the art of winemaking in the Great Southern Region.

As one of the few operational wineries in the region, Rockcliffe holds a unique position to become the best online wine store in Australia. We take pride in producing our esteemed wines and crafting a variety of major labels that have become household names across Australia. This breadth of production showcases our versatility and commitment to the wine industry, further establishing Rockcliffe as the best online wine store in Australia for enthusiasts seeking both variety and quality.

Beneath the lush vineyard, granite cliffs form the foundation of our terroir. It's these very cliffs that inspire our name and contribute to the distinct character of our wines. The vines delve into the granite's fractures to access vital water and nutrients, infusing our wines with unique notes that are a hallmark of Rockcliffe's offerings. This natural interaction between land and vine underscores the essence of our wines, blending tradition with the unique geological features of our location.

Our branding, inspired by the local seashore landscapes, reflects the profound influence of the ocean on our vineyard. This connection to the natural world is integral to our identity. It influences not only the taste of our wines but also how we present ourselves to the world. As the best online wine store in Australia, Rockcliffe invites wine lovers to explore our range that embodies the essence of our unique coastal terroir.

Today, Rockcliffe is proud to be an award-winning winemaker, and a popular destination to visit in Denmark. Our journey from the first vine plantings to becoming a cornerstone of the local wine industry is a story of passion, dedication and the relentless pursuit of quality. As we continue to innovate and expand our offerings, both at our cellar door and through our online wine shop in Australia, Rockcliffe remains committed to providing our customers with an exceptional wine experience. 

Our winemaking philosophy: A focus on sustainability

Beyond being the best online wine store in Australia, there are two major things that are always front of mind for us at Rockcliffe — premium quality and sustainability. We strive for both in everything we do! You might notice solar panels on the roof of our Denmark winery and nearby cellar door. Rockcliffe Winery is proud to source 100% of our energy from renewable solar power with excess energy stored in lithium batteries.

We are also completely self-efficient when it comes to water use - even though we could easily access the water Denmark mains just 40m away from our property. We use filtered dam water for much of the irrigation and cleaning, and filtered rainwater, largely collected from roofs, rinses anything that wine touches, such as pipes and tanks, as well as drinking water. More than retaining our status as the best online wine shop in Australia, it is our long-term aim to operate to high environmental standards, and we want to be as sustainable as possible.

Meet the CEO: Dr Steve Hall

After a long and successful career as a Geologist all around the world, Steve stumbled upon our 36 hectare property in 2002 and knew his life was about to take a very different direction. Having visited over one hundred countries and thousands of wineries, Steve could see the potential in Denmark. Over the next 5 years, Steve worked tirelessly to craft the Rockcliffe Winery and continued to develop it into what it is today.

There is no dull moment when Steve is around! He has a wealth of stories and anecdotes to share and is known for making people laugh. Steve’s attention to detail and passion for quality shows in everything Rockcliffe produces.

Visit Us in Denmark!

Visit Rockcliffe Winery Cellar Door, situated 4km from Denmark, Western Australia, where you can enjoy a leisurely wine tasting experience at no cost. Rockcliffe Winery, recognised as one of the best online wine stores in Australia, takes pride in crafting traditional gelato, fudge, wood-fired pizzas, and platters using locally sourced ingredients and no artificial flavours, offering a unique and genuine culinary experience.

Shop Rockcliffe Wines online

Discover the convenience of buying wine from one of the best online wine stores in Australia — purchase Rockcliffe wines digitally! Our shelves are stocked with the full range of Rockcliffe wines, including exclusive releases and limited edition vintages not available anywhere else. 

The online shopping experience is seamless, secure and user-friendly, with detailed descriptions of each wine to help you make the perfect selection. Shipping options are designed to meet your needs, ensuring that your favourite Rockcliffe wines are delivered directly to your door anywhere in Australia and beyond. 

Explore our online shop and bring the essence of Denmark, Western Australia, to your home with just a few clicks.

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